Queensland Symphony Orchestra              Nov 2016                    Orchestral reading session, ABC Studios, Brisbane

Berkeley Symphony                                     May 2015                    Earshot, American Composers Orchestra program, Berkeley, CA

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra                   August 2014                Symphony no.1 "Our Don" multimedia symphonic tribute

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra               November 2013           New piece for Victorian Regional Tour

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra                   June 2013                     Whistleblower, Overture for Orchestra

Omaha Symphony                                       June 2012                    New Music program, Kaneko, Omaha

Indiana University Symphony                   November 2011            Midwest Composers Symposium, dissertation performance

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra                   February 2007            Whistleblower, winner of Schueler Award for orchestral composition

Australian Youth Orchestra                        July 2005                     Viola Concerto for the Young Symphonists program

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra               May 2005                     Cybec New Music program, new chamber suite

West Australian Symphony Orchestra       March 2003                 Orchestral Overture for 75th anniversary of the orchestra

Sydney Youth Orchestra                              March 2003                 Overture for large orchestra

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra                   March 2003                  Choral/orchestral song cycle for Bundaleer Forest weekend

West Australian Symphony Orchestra      September 2001           National Orchestral Composers School workshops

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra                   March 2001                  Orchestral Overture for Australian Federation celebrations

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra                   October 1999               New Voices composer program



August 2014          Our Don                                  symphonic tribute to Sir Don Bradman, cond. Luke Dollman  
February 2007      Whistleblower                        orchestral fanfare, cond. Graham Abbott
March 2003           Towards Unlit Skies               choral / orchestral song cycle, cond. Michael Milton
March 2001           Sonic Boom                            orchestral overture, cond. James Judd
October 1999         XPT                                       orchestral overture, cond. David Stanhope


November 2013     Replica                                                           orchestral overture, commissioned by Joy Selby Smith, cond. Ben Northey
May 2005              Three Portraits of Scheherazade          orchestral suite, commissioned by Cybec Foundation, cond. Martyn Brabbins


March 2003            Hypersonic                             orchestral overture, cond. Peter Moore
September 2001     Chambers of the South           National Orchestral Composers Forum, cond. Kevin Field


July 2005                Oubliette                      concerto for viola & string orchestra, commissioned by Ars Musica Australis, cond. Lawrie Jacks


March 2003            Fourth Alarm               overture for large orchestra, commissioned by Ars Musica Australis, cond. George Ellis


August 2015        Pendulum                           overture for large wind ensemble, cond. John Lynch


May 2018                           New Work for Saxophone Choir    commissioned by the Canberra Symphony Orchestra
May 2018                           New chamber work                         commissioned by The Australia Ensemble
March 2017                        Suite for Wind Quintet                   commissioned by the Canberra Symphony Orchestra
June 2016                           Suite for Viola and Piano               commissioned by Stefanie Farrands
May 2015                            Sobriquet for Chamber Trio           World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg
April 2015                           Saudade, string octet                     commissioned by Musica Viva Australia                                                                                           April 2013                           Das Leben in Hannover                 commissioned by the Plathner's Eleven Ensemble (Germany)
March 2011                         Repartee for string trio                  commissioned by Rose Wollman for doctoral recital (Indiana University)
January 2011                      Vignettes of Paul Klee                    duet for saxophone and piccolo,  composed for Duo Fujin
September 2008                Praxis, etude for solo cello            commissioned by Thomas La Forgia (Indiana University)
April 2003                          Land of Ages, for Brass Quintet    commissioned by the Barossa Vintage Festival
March 2000                       Coathanger Music, piano trio        commissioned by the Cameo Trio (Adelaide)


November 2011    Song Cycle for Soprano and String Quartet                    commissioned by the Zephyr String Quartet
Feb - Sep 2007    Song Cycle for Soprano and Baroque Ensemble             commissioned by Adelaide Baroque
July 2005              Song Cycle for Counter-Tenor and Viol Consort           commissioned by the British Music Society (Melbourne)
June 2005            Choral Anthem for feast of St. Peter and St. Paul           St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Box Hill (Melbourne)
Sep 2003              Choral Anthem for feast of St. Michael & All Angels     St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Box Hill (Melbourne)


January 2017      Twelves, six etudes for solo piano             commissioned by Jihye Chang Sung, for the Continuum88 project                                        August 2016       New work for Carillon                                 commissioned by the National Capital Authority, Canberra (Australia)                                    August 2014       Imprimatur, toccata for grand organ        commissioned by the Organ Historical Trust of Australia                                                               March 2002        Entropy, concert etude for solo piano       commissioned by Mark Kruger, Australian Society of Keyboard Music


Orchestral works conducted by:

Joana Carneiro (Berkeley Symphony)
Arvo Volmer (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra)
James Judd (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra)
Martyn Brabbins (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
John Hopkins (Melbourne University Orchestra)
Benjamin Northey (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
Thomas Wilkins (Omaha Symphony Orchestra)
Paul Ghun Kim (Oregon Symphony Orchestra)
Kevin Field (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra)
Gunther Schuller (Adelaide University Brass Ensemble)
David Stanhope (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra)
Nicholas Milton (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra)
Keith Crellin  (Adelaide Youth Orchestra)
Graham Abbott (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra)
George Ellis (Sydney Youth Orchestra)
Elliott Bark (Indiana University Orchestra)